Walking with Betty the Beagle

center of map: 41.9804,-87.6550

Map created by GPSVisualizer.com
- 5-May
- 8-May
- 26-Apr

This landscape/dog walk project was co-directed by Olivia Schreiner and her dog, Betty.  The rules were simple:  when Betty stopped (to pee, poop, sniff, roll around in bird crap, etc.) Schreiner clicked her GPS marker and took a digital photograph of the surroundings. 

The three walks Betty and Schreiner recorded are represented by the three different colors in this Google Map.  In order to explore the different ways to record the landscape on the dog walk, Schreiner chose to take the photos in three different ways.  On April 26, she took the photos somewhat randomly from the height of her waist and in the direction that Betty was pointing when she stopped.  On May 5, Schreiner framed Betty in a bird’s-eye-view to mimic the viewpoint of Google Maps.  Finally on May 8, she combined the landscape view and the image of the dog by taking every shot with Betty’s head in the lower right hand corner.